3 months to 2 years

The baby room is a safe secure room for six babies. There are two experienced and qualified members of staff that working in the room.

The baby room is a warm, nurturing and stimulating environment where the children can develop at their own pace. The babies enjoy lots of sensory and messy activities that encourage their development as they use their sense to explore and learn.

The baby room celebrates many milestones of development including first few words, learning to crawl and the progression to the initial stages of walking. The babies are supported and encouraged through all of these transitional stages.

The babies enjoy exploring the garden areas where they develop their physical and exploratory skills. They are prepared caringly for their gentle progression to the toddler room.


2 years to 3 years​

The toddler room is a safe and active room for up to eight busy toddlers. There are two experienced, qualified members of staff working with and encouraging the development of the toddlers.


Building on the foundations started in baby room the children in the toddler room  are beginning to develop their independence, self-help, social skills (eating/ drinking/ toilet training), self-awareness and confidence. This is done by supporting each child and providing activities to support their development.


The toddlers have carefully planned activities and are very active so have lots of opportunities for garden time. Throughout the nursery there are both planned and spontaneous activities which the children follow to develop their developing ever growing interests. There are a wide variety of play opportunities available for them, including sand, water and imaginative play.


3 years to 5 years

The staff to child ration changes to 1 to 8 when children reach the age of three. In the pre-school room we have one experienced, qualified member of staff working with six children to develop the EYFS in greater depth 

Within this room, one member of staff continues to develop the EYFS in greater depth to a group of six children.


Our aim is to prepare each child individually for school. We do this by providing a curriculum that includes a full range of activities, opportunities and experiences that are carefully planned to promote the child’s learning.


In pre-school children have access to activities that encourage number and letter recognition, pre-reading and writing skills, maths and science. These range from pre-planned activities to spontaneous child led exploration.


The pre-school room is an environment which encourages the children to grow in confidence and supports them on their learning journey preparing them for their introduction to ‘big school’!


By providing these opportunities we are encouraging children to work towards the Early Learning goals set out in the Early Years Foundation Stage, ultimately  getting the children ‘school ready’.